how do I fix a mismatch between logical name and physical name

this is a rhel5.1 server
I had a computer called
changed it to

now I can not get to the web browser from another pc.
trying to run exchange type email server called zimbra
enclosed is picture of what happens when I try to start service.

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javagairAuthor Commented:
yes I did read the paper.
but am I naming the server itself or the zimbra server.
now the name of the server is
when I'm doing the naming with the zimbra software is that name

These 2 should generally be changed at the same time:
A) server hostname aka /etc/hosts /etc/hostname /etc/sysconfig (all depends on your operating system which you didn't state)
B) zimbra hostname aka zmhostname set with

(Though you can 'technically' keep an hosts and DNS entry around for the old zmhostname while changing the server hostname, it's not advisable.)

There's also the domains you receive at, which can be completely different than server hostname/zmhostname:

For those there's a zmprov renameDomain command.

If you change the default domain or only have 1 domain be sure to check zmlocalconfig, zmprov gacf, & zmprov gs 'zmhostname' for any that didn't get modified.

FYI one can also create additional domain aliases to receive mail at (and fwd to existing users) rather than renaming domains:
(Can even mask outgoing to look like a particular domain.)

If you want users to be able to send as both (and select which persona to send as on compose) then add the 2nd domain but do account level aliases rather than domain wide (zmporv addAccountAlias

You can also adjust the SMTP HELO name separately, though typically people leave it matching the servername/zmhostname (unless you manually adjust it'll automatically mirror zmhostname by default).


From what I can tell of your particular setup (as there is no public dns record for or anymore you need to zmsetservername (don't just run that, please read the docs - I actually wrote sections of it - and backup - especially if using older versions before many of the bugfixes were implemented - you didn't state what zmcontrol -v you're on ).
Now for your domain name I assume you want to receive as (where it was before):
zmporv renameDomain

zmprov gacf | grep
zmporv gs | grep
zmlocalconfig | grep

javagairAuthor Commented:
zimbra came in and fixed the things I screwed up, but the second post is lot of the command he was using.
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