Hiding Elements in VS Design Window

Hi All,

Im working on an Interface which changes dependant on what the user selects..

The problem I have is in the Designer im layering up elements and programming there visibility in the code behind, which is all well and good but having several sets of elements on top of each other in the Design Window is a right mess and makes it very hard to edit and select things

Is there anyway I can Temporarily Hide elements or a group of elements in the VS Design window which won't go on to effect the Debug/Build itself?

Im using VS2010 and WPF.

Many Thanks.


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AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / ConsultantCommented:
I've had a similar problem myself.
The only way I've found it to have number of panels, each with the necessary controls on them.  Now I move the panels so they don't overlap as I develop then change the topleft settings in the code to what I want them to be and resize the form.
Clumsy and nasty but it does work.

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Bronco78thAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for that Andy, since your a genius, im going assume its not possible at the moment.

Kinda seems like a pretty glaring ommission, hopefully something that will be added to the next Version of WPF/VS since im not quite sure how your suppose to make these uber intresting,intuative or animated interfaces without the ability to hide stuff.

My solution would be to have a checkbox on the 'Document Outline' next to each element, if its checked the element and sub-elements are hidden if not then they are visable.

But alas I don't work for MS :-)

Bronco78thAuthor Commented:
The solution is the best we can do at this point :)
AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / ConsultantCommented:
>>since your a genius

Thanks, but that information display is something I am not 100% happy with here at EE.  It just refers to points in total now, not as it did before to pints in that topic area.  I wouldn't rely too much on it if you use it as a criterion for valuing comments form different experts.
Bronco78thAuthor Commented:

No Problems, ill bear that in mind in the future.

Figured it was a simple question (which would have been answered quite quickly as normal)  and that there was a button or method hidden away some where which ive yet to come across in VS to hide elements while designing but clearly this isn't the case, the fact  the EE system has had to make a follow up to even get a reply shows to me its not acturally as simple as I assumed it would be....or indeed there is no 'proper' way of doing it.

Still a poor show from MS if it is indeed the case.



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