Having problem with the output of a program

I having with the output of this program, The example of the output should be something like this.

Output Example: If the number N is 263 then NN is 263263. If N is 7, NN  should be 007007.

The Output I have now is ...The original number 0, the  final result after the divisions is 0. I need an ouput  as statement above in the example.

Here is what I have for my current program.

public class problemmagic
   public static void main(String[] args)
   int n= (int)Math.floor(Math.random());
   int nn=n*1001;
   System.out.printf("The original number %3d, the the final result after the divisions %6d",n,nn/7/11/13);

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Randy DownsOWNERCommented:
Try printing out some of your variables (n, nn) in the intermediate steps.

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Dave FordSoftware Developer / Database AdministratorCommented:

Since Math.random always returns a value between 0 and 1, then Math.floor of that value will always return zero, right?

Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
It is doing exactly what you coded it to do:

1) Math.random() returns a random DOUBLE value between 0 and 1.
2) Math.floor takes that random number and rounds it down the to nearest integer (Which will always be zero, since your random number is always less than 1).
3) (int) casts the resulting double into an integer, which will always contain 0.
4) Multiplying 0*1001 = 0

This feels like a homework assignment, so I'm going to let you figure out how to fix it.

- Gary

public class problemmagic
   public static void main(String[] args)

   int n= (int)Math.floor(Math.random());
   String value = String.valueOf(n);
   while(value.length() < 3) {
               value = "0" + value;
   value = value + value;

   int nn = Integer.parseInt(value);

   System.out.printf("The original number %3d,\nString value of NN ->%s ,\nInteger value of NN-> %d, \nthe final result after the divisions %6d\n",n,value,nn,nn/7/11/13);
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