Auto Negotiating is selecting 10 Mbs

I am having some random auto-negotiating problems on my network. My switch and pc will sometimes agree on 10Mbs instead of 100Mbs. I have over 50 of the same dell computer models in my network and I am only having this problem on one or two machines. They all have the same drivers and same Windows 7 Enterprise image. I unistalled drivers and tried reimaging machines but still got same results. If I set the NIC to 100 Mbs it will be ok. I dont understand why it would auto negotiate to 10 Mbs randomly (doesn't happen all the time). One instance where this becomes a problem is during network image deployment when it reboots it loses my NIC setting of 100 Mbs when booting into Windows PE and as you can imagine sending a 7 to 8 gig image using 10 Mbs is too slow. In the middle of the deployment I unplugged cable and plugged back in and it went back to 100 Mbs. I tested cable and tried replacing cable with same result. We are using Cisco 10/100 switches and I know you can set it too 100 Mbs there but I would rather fix the problem than change settings to the port, like I said its fine elsewhere should be here to. The lights on switch are normal and I don't see any occurances of collisions or a bad port. Any Ideas?  
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try using other computer's cable
cmartineauAuthor Commented:
I did try another cable and the distance from the switch is not but 30 to 40 feet. I am getting both 100 and 10 Mbs with current cable. Just really weird never seen this problem before, would there be any useful information in the log file on switch?
Have you tried changing the NIC on the machine with the issue with a know working NIC?  It could just be the NIC is having problem Auto Negotiating.  Test and see.

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I have seen this occur with NICs, especially integrated ones, shortly before they go out completely.  Sometimes they negotiate a lower speed, other times, you get normal speed but intermittent data connectivity even though the link indicator shows connected.  As the others have suggested, trying a second NIC or relocating to a known working jack would be a good starting point toward identifying whether the problem originates with the PC, cabling or switch.

cmartineauAuthor Commented:
That would make since about the NIC auto to 10 Mbs before it completely goes, I will try to install a good nic and continue from there, thanks for your help!
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