Dell E6400 ethernet connectivity issues

I have an e6400 that I have connectivity issues with the lan connection. I get no connection at all when connecting directly to the lan port, but I get an connection when I connect through the docking station. Could this be network card that is bad?  
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It is possible the card is defective, check to make sure the Ethernet port is enabled in the device manager, check if there is a static address in the NIC, try uninstalling and reinstalling the NIC drivers.
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I agree with above but you could ping the router first to get a heads up on.. it.. at the cmd line type: [ping [router ip address]... a lot of the routers ip address by default are the cmd is "ping"  if you get successful milliseconds..then I would take a look at your dhcp address range and see if it matches the routers range...most single computers on a onely network get assign starting at you see 169.x.x.x then you are probably got a dhcp problem.....if dhcp looks good then look at your dns settings and make sure they match those provided by your isp if you are not handling dns with your own is usually dynamic dns and your router just relays dns information from its cache storage to the isp's dns servers for resolution.your ip information should reflect the dns server mode of operation...dynamic dns or an assigned address.
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