Crystal Reports Adding up totals in details section

I'm working on a report where I need to add multiple amounts in a single group.  Here's an example:

The report now shows....

Grouped by Church Name

Detail Section
      Amount     Name
       100           John Doe
       -50           John Doe
      200           Jane Doe
       -25          Jane Doe

I need this to show...

Grouped by Church

Detail Section
      Amount     Name
       50           John Doe
      175           Jane Doe

I can put a running total field in the Details Section, but the report still shows each record with duplicate names.

Any ideas on getting the output above?  I'm working with CR 2008.


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Simone BSenior E-Commerce AnalystCommented:
I've used this often in previous versions of Crystal. You should be able to add another group, grouping by the person's name. Put the sum beside the person's name, and hide the detail section. In this way, the secondary group essentially becomes your detail.

Is the church name the NAME field or is that an additional name?

Group by the NAME field (Jane Doe/John Doe)
Put the amount field in the detail section
Right click it
Set it as a sum
Set it to go in the NAME group
CLick OK

You can drag it to the group header and put it next to the name or drag the name to the gorup footer
Suppress the details section

stkoontzAuthor Commented:
Thanks Buttercup1.  Adding a second grouping under the name did the trick.

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