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Hi all,
I will be migrating to Exchange Enterprise 2010 from Exchange 2003. The Exchange 2010 will be a VMware server and will be on the SAN. I need to look at purchasing new bricks but I may be able to get away with what I got with SATA space on the SAN.

What are Microsofts recommendations with Exchange 2010 Enterprise on a SAN? Sata/Fibre Channel? etc, etc?

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Wonko_the_SaneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's a complicated topic, but you can start here:

This question is impossible to answer with the information given - number of users, mailbox size, usage, expected growth, etc. etc. etc., but as a rule of thumb: Exchange 2010 will use about 90% less I/O then Exchange 2003 did, so if you have enough storage on your SATA disks it's probably going to be fine - just make sure the mailbox server has enough RAM. If you have only one server and no copies of the databases I'd create at least two different LUNs on seperate spindles on the SAN to seperate the logs and the databases.
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