File attachments not visible from web on Domino application

We have a Domino application that is populated by a Domino form made visible to the web.  the owners asked that the web users be allow to add attachments to the web form.  we accomplished this by adding file upload control tags to the form.  The users are able to attach the files and they are available from the database when accessing from the Notes client.  However, they are not visible from the web broswer.  Just need to know where or what we need to do to correct this.  Domino server 6.5

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Is there a field on the form called "$V2AttachmentsOptions". If so it will be set to "0" to not show attachments, change it to "1". Or you could write some code to display the attachments. Use formula and @AttachmentNames to get a handle to the attachments.
asd_rickAuthor Commented:
Led me exactly and clearly to the solution.  Thanks much
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