Anyone have a concise ITWorld feed?

Hi, all.

I understand there used to be a concise listing of IDG publications' headlines on their website, but that's gone. So I looked into RSS feeds for the same thing, to keep them all in one place, but I'm finding for each publication a large number of feeds, with a LOT of duplication. Case in point:

There are four feeds for "daily news and views", and then 32(!) feeds under various subjects. This would be fine if the subject feeds were just subsets of the other feeds, but they're not; they have headlines that don't appear anywhere in the "main" feeds.

That would be okay, just a few minutes' bother to sign up for all of them, but I get many headlines that appear several times -- a significant inconvenience to wade through. (Example: "U.S. defends Internet free speech (unless it's embarassing)" [sic] appears on Tech & society, Endpoint security, Government, Legal, Business intelligence and Security feeds.)

Can anyone think of a solution to this? Some way to get all the articles without the ridiculous level of duplication? A blog reader that eliminates duplication would be something, but i'd like to find a reader-independent solution. (Incidentally, there are a few related publicaitons for which I have the same problem -- CIO, PC World, MacWorld, ComputerWorld. But for now I'm assuming that they'd have the same solution, if any. Anyone knows otherwise, please do mention.)


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Robert JacksonConnect With a Mentor System DeveloperCommented:
Not sure if you are aware that you can create a feed from any site using Google Reader - whether it has rss feeds or not!

Here is my suggestion - Click here

Google Reader used to be just an online RSS reader. You'd subscribe by copying and pasting a site's RSS feed URL into Google Reader's "Add a subscription" box. And you still can. But starting today, you can add any URL -- even if it's not an RSS feed, and even if the site itself doesn't publish an RSS feed.

If Google Reader doesn't recognize a URL as RSS, a dialog box will offer to "create a feed for you." Just click "Create a feed," and now Google Reader will monitor the page. If the page changes, a link to that page will show up in Google Reader as if a new RSS item had been posted. They'll even show you a preview "snippet" of the page, just as they do with real RSS posts.
Robert JacksonSystem DeveloperCommented:
From the above Google Reader idea -

ITWorld Tips feed:

ITWorld White Paper feed:*/*/feed

ITWorld Blogs feed:
IntIncAuthor Commented:
The poster of this question is no longer available, so I'm giving the points and closing the question.
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