Determine command line parameters from invoked Desktop session

I am attempting to launch a Delphi Winform executable (with a command line argument) from a WinService, in an environment which does not support Interactive Services (i.e. Win7/XP SP3).  Please see my original post (Q_26873780) for reference.

I am using a C# variation of an excellent (ServiceShell) code snippet found in
Q_26726314 to launch executables with command line arguments.

Unfortuntely the Delphi 'ParamCount' method always returns 0 when I use the aforementioned C# version of the ServiceShell call, whereas when calling other programs (such as notepad.exe) with a command line argument everything works perfectly.

Can anyone suggest an alternative to using ParamCount to determine my arguments? Or indeed any other method which might be at my disposal?
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what is in the CmdLine and the Paramstr(0) variables?
how about;

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How did you start your program ?  
Paramstr(i)  and Paramcount should do it for you
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sample code goed like that

 for i:= 0 to paramcount do
      /// eg. KEYWORD : debug
       if LowerCase(ParamStr(i)) = 'debug' then

brenlexAuthor Commented:
My Delphi program is a long standing tried and tested applicaton -- when started from the windows command line with arguments it starts OK (i.e. paramcount is > 0), however when I use the code snippet from Q_26726314 my paramcount is 0.  As mentioned, I am using the aforementioned code snippet to launch my application because it is being launched from a service which needs to interact with the desktop (for background see original question (Q_26873780).

The strange thing is that it is only a Delphi program which has the problem.  
ServiceShell.Start("C:\\temp\\notepad.exe", "C:\\temp\\mycfgfile.txt", "C:\\temp")
... works OK.  Notepad opens up showing the contents of mycfgfile.txt.
ServiceShell.Start("C:\\temp\\mydelphiapp.exe", "C:\\temp\\mycfgfile.txt", "C:\\temp")
... launches mydelphiapp.exe but paramcount returns 0.  As mentioned, if I just use "C:\temp\mydelphiapp.exe C:\temp\mycfgfile.txt" from command line manually, paramcount is > 0.


I think you need to call PChar(MyPath) .... can you trie it ?
brenlexAuthor Commented:
Strange one -- I thought ParamCount implicitly called GetCommandLine, though it appeared not to work.  When I myself call GetCommandLineW explicitly, I see my argument OK.

I'll give the points here to systan for the original recommendation to use GetCommandLine directly.
BdLm - thanks for making me think along the lines of PChar -- I shall give you the points in the parallel question in the zone you also commented on.
thank you
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