Citrix XenApp 6 Server Desktop

I have created a published server desktop environment for my Citrix users.
I have locked it down with GPO, including Start Menu Programs list. The idea is to only populate the start menu using the XenApp published apps. But, since I have locked down the programs list through GPO, I cannot access the Citrix Online Plug-in. Any ideas?

Also, is there anyway to make the online Plugin start automatically in the RDS and use pass through authentication? currently users will have to log in 3 times (local Desktop, Published Desktop and then Online Plugin).
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amichaellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You should be able to modify Startup for all users at %ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

You can create a custom ADM to push the XenApp Services URL via GPO:



      POLICY "URL for XenApp Services"
            KEYNAME "SOFTWARE\Citrix\PNAgent"
            VALUENAME "ServerURL"
            VALUEON "http://myxenappserver/Citrix/PNAgent/Config.xml"
            VALUEOFF ""
            EXPLAIN "URLAddress"

for your current situation, I don't think you will be able to get it done this way easily as XenApp is not meant for such deployments. I will not give my users access to production server.

If you like to publish Desktops for your end users you better install XenDesktop. You can get 10 desktops for free with XenDesktop express edition.

You can put the client in the Startup folder to have it start automatically.  Configure the XenApp Services site for pass through authentication.  This will result in the client starting up automatically and the user's icons appearing on the desktop and/or Start Menu.
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MayogroupAuthor Commented:
Thanks amichaell,
how do I add to startup menu so it will apply to all users?

Also, with the client, initially they will all have to enter the WI server address, do you know of anyway to pre populate the target address?
This is NOT an accepted solution for me.. :) With the newer ICA Clients that approach with the adm do not work. The URL is stored in a binary format in the registry, and cannot be set via GPO. If anyone has made it work otherwise, with ICA Client 12.x, PLEASE let me know...
Sykehuspartner, we ran into that issue when deploying the new client to all of our users.  We're pushing the client out via SCCM.  When creating the .MSI file, you have the option to pre-populate the URL for the client.  This worked well for us.  Your post was a while ago, but I hope you find this and it helps.
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