Active Standby Hangs when being queried

I am running an Oracle 11g database with a physical standby.  I am trying to use Oracle's new ability to run an Active Standby to allow reports and other internal querying to take place on the Standby, instead of taking up resources on the primary.

The problem i am having though is that when i try to run any reports on the Standby the database will eventually stop processing queries, and just hang.  The standby will still consume archive logs but will not respond to queries.  

Has anyone encountered this type of problem before?  Can you point me in the direction of where i might find a reason this is happening, and a way to fix it?  

Thank you in advance for any help provided

Just to be clear, the standby will process queries for a little bit, but eventually stops responding to them and hangs.
Alex MatzingerDatabase AdministratorAsked:
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What is the specific version of Oracle?

Does the hang eventually clear (after an hour perhaps), or do you have to bounce the instance?

What do the alert logs show? What does CPU, etc. look like on the standby? Are logs being applied in a timely manner?

What does V$SESSION show during the query?
Alex MatzingerDatabase AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Oracle v11.

The hang never clears(after 12 hours it hadn't cleared), in order to shut it down I must do a shutdown abort to kill it.

The alert logs report no errors, the CPU looks fairly normal.  The logs are being applied every 3 to 5 minutes.  I'm not able to do a select on v$session.  I can't do any query on the database after it gets in this state.
Wow. Ok, so this is a real hang.

If your OS is a UNIX variant, I would first suggest checking (as a sanity check) your kernel config, as over the years, some silent hangs I've seen have been due to limits in semaphores and ipc resources. Verify that it is setup according to the minimum requirements (though this is rare now with 11g since the installer offers to do it for you).
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Alex MatzingerDatabase AdministratorAuthor Commented:
The os is a unix variant.  I have double checked, and the system is set up exactly the same as the Primary.  I have opened an SR with oracle about this issue, and it appears to be a Bug with there system.  When I get an update from them, I will post back here with the information.  Thank You
Alex MatzingerDatabase AdministratorAuthor Commented:
This ended up being a Bug in oracle.  I opened an SR with them, and was able to get a one off patch for the system.  This was a document bug with them that was fixed in there "12.1" system.

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Was this a bug only with certain (recent) versions of Oracle?
Alex MatzingerDatabase AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Yes, It was a Bug only with Oracle 11.x
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