GHD Hair Straightener turning off after a second

My wife has asked me to fix her GHD.
The problem with it is that it turns off after being on for roughly a second.
The red LED comes on breifly, you can feel heat on th pads and then it just switches off.

I dismantled it and resoldered ALL solder connections in case it was dry joints, but it did not help.

Anyone got any ideas?
Reece DoddsAsked:
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Glen KnightCommented:
My recommendation would be to have a look at: or

And treat your wife to a nice new set :)
Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
Yeah, it has been either dropped or cooked (the latter being hard to do).

The way I fixed my wife's GHD was to go out and buy a new one after I had gently/accidentally knocked it off the bathroom vanity. But if you dont want her to know, then make very sure you know what the heck it is - there is more than one to choose from - and I got busted. Guess that bit doesnt apply to you.

Have a look at :

And then sign on to get the 2 year warranty.

Good luck...
Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
Oh, BTW, yours sounds like a busted thermostat - thats what happened to her first one when my daughter "just had to use it".

Been through three so far. Delicate beasts.
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Thomas RushCommented:
"Misc Hardware" indeed!
The thermostat circuit is faulty...replacement of the thermostat circuit  is more expensive than a new Hair Straightener.
You can bypass this circuit at the risk of any or all of the following:
burnt or frizzled hair
or worse...

Conclusion; buy a new Hair Straightener.
Maybe your wife is giving you a hint by asking you to fix it?
Reece DoddsAuthor Commented:
thanks guys...
hints have been dropped everytime she blow drys her hair or see's another straightener on a TV show.  The wife is nice enough to know we can't afford to replace it because we have bigger priorities, but she has given me a challenge and i'm not one to be beat!
I'll find a replacement thermal fuse from here in OZ similar to what i found here, replace that and see if problem is fixed.
Is there any electronics technicians that have found thermal fuses to fault because of a faulty PCB?
Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
>> have found thermal fuses to fault because of a faulty PCB

thought that was the normal problem - no ?
The link you gave states about a replacement thermal fuse:
The price is £8.50 plus 2.99 P&P.
More spares here:

How old is it?
The Ausy site states a 2 year warranty:

Good luck.
You can determine if it is the thermal fuse by running a wire across the terminals and see if the heating elements get hotter and hotter (do not let them overheat and burn out)
If this test confirms a bad thermal fuse then replace it.
AU $3.04
Find it and other spare parts here:

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Reece DoddsAuthor Commented:
You can determine if it is the thermal fuse by running a wire across the terminals and see if the heating elements get hotter and hotter (do not let them overheat and burn out)
- Thanks Michael, I will try this.

It is out of warranty.  
I will probably grab the parts I need from the ebay page you linked.

@ mark_wills - the GHD is a Mk3, so no thermostat present.  I asked if anyone had found a PCB to cause thermal fuses to fault because it'd be a waste of time buying a thermal fuse and heater elements if the PCB is causing them to fault. Really just after a "yeah i found that 9 out of 10 thermal fuses blow because of the circuitry before the fuse" type answer!
Always use fuse wire to do a test like this.
Insualate yourself from the floor (rubber thongs)...I have often 240V zapped myself.
Fixed more than a few of these blasted things for the extended family and associated hangers on...

Check the power cable where it enters the thing.   Despite the rotating cable entry, where the wire enters the moulded part, the strands often break, a common failing.    Also, the internal wires from the slipring system are a bit short, and can fracture internaly too, even though the solder joints look good.

The "switching off after a second or two" could be just co-incidence.

Check the power cord at the plug end too, for the same problem.

Then try (probably unsuccessfully) to educate the users as to how to look after the power cord!

If course, if your a bloke, your wrong, regardless of reality....

Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
So, given the break in cable, doesnt g8kbv deserve the lions share ?
no objection here.
Reece DoddsAuthor Commented:
Thermal fuse fixed the switching off after a few seconds problem.

Replacing the GPO end of the cable fixed the intermittent no power at all problem that was still occasionally there after replacing the fuse.
There must've been a break in the cable right at the plug.
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