VMWare 4.1 VM is hanging on shutdown/snapshot removal

I have a VM that is stuck trying to delete a snapshot & then shutdown. It has been sitting on 95% for over an hour.

Does anyone know how I can force this VM to shutdown? The buttons to shutdown are greyed out.
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How big is the snapshot? Depending on its size, it could take well longer than an hour...

someITGuyAuthor Commented:
It was progressing over 2 hours, just in the last hour it is hanging on 95% and not moving...
How big is the snap (or snaps)?
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someITGuyAuthor Commented:
Not sure, how do I check?
You can go into the folder of the VM on the datastore and look at the 'delta' files to see their size. A couple things to note:
a. It's best practice to always shut down a VM before you remove its snaps. You don't have to, but tends to run a bit smoother.
b. See this post on snapshot 'committing' looking like it's hanging on 95%:

There is a way to monitor the 'commit' process in the cmd line:
http://kb.vmware.com/kb/1007566, but it may be more than you wanna tackle at this point. If you've had this VM 'snapshotted' for a while, chances are the snap (delta) file is a bit large (many GBs). If that's the case, expect this commit process to take several hours.

Thought I'd also post a couple other KBs worth looking at:
Understanding Snaps:
Snap Best Practices:


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I've had it take several hours.... depends on several factors, with the size of the snapshot being first... if you browse the datastore you can see how big it is...
Another option you could use, if you're not comfortable committing them with the Client/snapshot mgr is to just clone the VM or use vCenter Converter. Using those processes commits the snaps during the conversion and/or clone process. Always try not to have snaps a part of a VM more than a day or 2, at most...

someITGuyAuthor Commented:
I just rebooted the VCenter server & it looks like the snapshot hang went away...
I never would recommend doing that during a vCenter process, beit snapshot commit or whatever. It will end on its own. You can corrupt your VM interrupting a snap commit process. You can verify that the snaps are gone by looking the VM's folder on the datastore and verifying if the snap (delta) files are gone. If the commit process wasn't yet complete, you could be back to square 1 with all the data still in the snap and new data getting written to the snap file until it's actually committed to the parent disk. Also, you may now not have the option in snapshot mgr to 'see' the snaps, and thus commit them. If not, you will have to use command  line to do so. See:
http://kb.vmware.com/kb/1002310, and

Was about to type the same thing!
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
Normal for it to sit there at 95%, until it has completed. (as the fellow Experts have made comments on!)

It must have been a very large snapshot. Again do not use Snapshots for Backup purposes.
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