PDF attachment is is trying to open in Internet Explore

I have a customer who had emails sent to him with pdf attachments. The odd thing is the icon of the attachment is that of Internet Explorer not Adobe Reader Icon like it should. I forwarded the email to my PC and I get the adobe reader icon and it opens fine. With the problem PC, he gets a message saying check security settings for this program to open. Something like that. My wording is not exactly correct. My question is how do I get the PC to point to Adobe Reader for all pdf attachments instead of Internet Explorer. If I right click om the attachment I do not have the choice to "open with". He uses Window Live Mail for his email program also.
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Ivano ViolaConnect With a Mentor System AdministratorCommented:
Open "Default Programs" located on the start menu. Click on "Associate a file type or protocol with a program". Scroll down to .pdf and click Change Program to change the default program to Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Make sure Adobe reader is installed on his desktop and then
Open a command prompt .Type below and hit enter.

assoc .pdf=AcroExch.Document

Open in new window

Or if you want to do manual way then
Right click on desktop and select New=>Text document.
Rename the file as "test.pdf"
The icon will be like Internet explorer.
Right click on it and select open with =>Choose program
From the list select "AdobeReader" and check the box which say use this program to always open this type of files..
bbbb2Author Commented:
Thanks for the info, I will try  it and reply.
bbbb2Author Commented:
Exact;ly what I was looking for
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