Server 2003 does not boot up after restart

We have a server running Server 2003 that does not boot up when you issue a reboot.

Troubleshooting steps:

1. Updated the BIOS
2. Tried to restart from command line
3. Check Event Logs

Logs show no errors.  The server shuts down, then does not boot.  It does not even POST

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simpsolConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you check the Power  Supply of the server. I do not know the exact steps of Dell PE840 but on HP Servers you can set up jumpers on the mother board to get a better diagnositc. Consult the Dell PE840 manual of if you have dell support, give them a call.
Just to get a better idea. The server does not restart but you can start it by pressing the power button on the server itself?
what is the brand and model of the hardware?
rjpilcherAuthor Commented:
It's a Dell PE840.  You can start it just fine by pressing the power button.
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have you checked the dell website to ensure you have the latest drivers installed? what about in your device manager .. check to ensure that there are no question marks indicating some driver is missing or is in conflict
There is often a setting in the BIOS regarding what to do in case of power failure (power on/ power off/ last state).  Though it doesn't really apply here, I'd be trying the different settings for that to see if it makes a difference.
do you have Dell equivalent ? maybe you can see more info there.
rjpilcherAuthor Commented:
Server is under support - Dell is working the issue
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