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Hi All,

I have an office building that acts as an ISP and distributes public ip addresses to each of the internal separate offices.  3 bonded TI lines come in to the main router that is then connected to a pair of switches.  We have about 20 IP addresses in use and are having some major bandwidth issues... one of the internal offices is really putting a strain on the network and we want to find out who.  How can I go about this?  I only have access to the switch via SNMP an am hoping to monitor bandwidth usage per IP / switch port.

Any help is VERY appreciated!
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anthonyhardyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the switch has individuals plugged into each port and you have access, use MRTG to setup a bandwidth graph of each port. If you can find out who (or which PC) is on what port, you can easily alter the bandwidth graph to have names by editing the html.

Can you give us more information on what skill level you are at and what resources (servers, etc) you have to use?  If you have a linux box that you can run apache and setup a cronjob on, then MRTG is a very quick and easy way to monitor the traffic.  

If you can access the mac table of the switch via SNMP, you can also tell how many devices (well, if they aren't NATted) are hung off of each port too.   It all depends on what access you have and what the switch can/will tell you.
AustinComputerLabsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Rather than spending time to track them down and try to get them to be reasonable, you might want to get a routyer that does Qos and limit each IP address 1/20th of the bandwidth.
Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
What kind of router? What kind of switches? Any managed switch should have some kind of web interface that shows per port bandwidth usage. Same with most routers.
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All the major manufacturers have devices with QoS. The Netgear WNDR3700 at roughly $120 is a good deal for the control it offers.

It will work with whatever switch you have. A switch that will give you that kind of control will most likely cost more than the router.
You can also try Bluecoat Packetshaper for QoS. In packetshaper you can configure a dedicated bandwidth out of your total bandwidth to internal offices.

Try a software called NetFlow or Opmanager by manage engine to look at the traffic flow.
pilot console rocls for this type of stuff:
aaharrisonAuthor Commented:
thank you everyone for you help.  I was able to get the results I needed by using a combination of PRTG Network Monitor and ManageEngine Oputils 5..... really like PRTG!  

Now that I have identified the bandit, I can limit their bandwidth via QoS :)
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