For a HP live server, am getting the following alert in Nagios states that SNMP Win traffic.
Please refer the screencast for more info and help me how to resolve the same.
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Also, the default settings may be for a 100 Mbps NIC, and you are using 1 Gbps NIC, so you need to change the levels accordingly.
SureshkumaarAuthor Commented:
Hi Please find the attached screencast
From looking at your screen captures it appears that the referenced system has consistent traffic of 48.78MB/s.

I'm not exactly sure - but it appears that the alert threshold is 10MB/s.

If this is the case - you either need to increase the threshold or identify and correct the cause of the high traffic.

What is the nature of the host being monitored?

What are the critical and warn thresholds for traffic?
Hard to see. but it may simply mean that your traffic is above the warning level ( 50 % ) for your NIC.
A screen shot or two may provide better information, since it is hard to read the videos.

Check what the settings are for NIC traffic.

I hope this helps !
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