in one of our HP server, am getting the following warning alerts in event viewer. Please help to resolve those
All the alerts are from source :57
Duplicate container instances: 1
Duplicate fan instances: 4
Duplicate fan instances: 3
Insert logical container 2 failed
Duplicate container instances: 3
Maximum indicator count (1) exceeded
Failed GET SENSOR READING, sensor 14
NetFN 0x4, command 0x2D timed out
Maximum PwrMeter count (1) exceeded
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marine7275Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Update bios and firmware and ilo drivers. Could be a bad disk or array card. Start with updates
andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Took several months for HP to fix that one, it is fixed by firmware/driver update as mentioned above. It's also fixed by downgrading to matching driver/firmware. Problem was people were, and still are, running a firmware version that didn't match the software version so the two didn't communicate properly.
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