cannot login using rdp over internet, not a connection problem.

I have 2 servers, one is 2008 server and 2003 server.  they are both dc's.  2003 is main one.  we have a remote office that uses rdp to login to both servers using the administrator account.  the wierd thing is we can login using the same account to the 2008 server but cannot login to the 2003 server.  

i know its not a connection problem because the server over rdp from remote office asks for username and password with the ip at the top so it connects but will not authenticate.  from the same computer in remote office, i can access other server in remote location using rdp and same account. any ideas?

the error is "to logon to this computer, you must be granted the terminal services right."  etc.  
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Inbox360Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
found answer- check secpol.msc and under user rights assesment.   then check deny logon through terminal services.  somehow the administrator account was there so i took it out
did you check all services and GPOs?
Inbox360Author Commented:
i found my own answer
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