Delete files on SD card ?

When I put my camera's SD card in the computer I can copy its files but not delete them. Card is in unlocked position but I have tried both positions. What could the problem be?
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check file attributes. make sure set to not read only. also check file permissions.

. Right-click on the Drive (in my Computer),> Properties> Security> and make sure the Write permission is checked.
else format the SD Card in your Camera. Every camera has this feature in the menu.
Jess31Author Commented:
I don't know where to see the properties on the disk, right cick and properties does not tell me anything that would seem relevant. When I try to format it says disc is write protected. But I have tried it with the lock level in both positions.
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Jess31Author Commented:
I know that I can format in camera, and in fact I have. But my question is about deleting when it's in card reader on the pc (using windows 7, btw).
right click>properties>general tab>attributes
Jess31Author Commented:
yes, but it does not say anything there beside for -
Removable Disc
see image I attached
did your camera come with any software? also how bout opeining those with windows photo gallery and deleting them?
Jess31Author Commented:
Win Photo Gallery is not a program I use or am familiar with.
I know that it does manage some camera content then you can delete from there, but it might not work if the card is locked.
did you try cutting and pasting instead of copying?

have you tried any ofther management software?
Jess31Author Commented:
Yes, that's how it all started. My way of moving pictures from camera to computer is by using the card reader, and I'm used to doing a cut/paste. But when I used this camera (Lumix) and the SD card it stopped working for me.
wow. some cameras that allow you to lock individual image files and those cannot be "deleted" using the delete button. Formatting will remove them however
Jess31Author Commented:
well on the camera I can delete and format. On windows I can't do either.
Can you see if a different SD still works correctly?
We need to find out if it is a Windows problem, or if the Lumix is "softlocking" the card.
Jess31Author Commented:
I tried with other SD cards. Some exhibit same others work.
OK.  That sounds more like a softlock of some kind on some of the SDs.
Check the camera manual or go through the Menu and see if there is a setting you can change.

There is a small chance that it is a hardware issue with some makes of SD cards, so see if there is any pattern with the ones that will and the ones that won't.

I couldn't tell from the earlier posts, but did you check the Properties of the Files?
I instructed them to check the file properties and the SD card themselves as well. To check for attributes.
I saw that, and meant to reference it, but my brain isn't up to "full speed" today.
I'm just unclear if his response included Files.   : )

I need more coffee...
I need more coffee as well.... LOL ;-)

Looks like they've been having a lot of issues with this and I wish them the best.
Jess31Author Commented:
well when I look at the properties of the files, only thing checked is Archived. But if I try to uncheck it I get a message saying the media is write protected. Not sure what this means or how this could have been write protected...
that really is strange. you can't set any attributes to override that protection. some people have resorted to just deleteing files off the camera on the camera itself with it's menus becuase of that your problem with your camera is quite common actually. it seems to be a "feature" that they put in.
Jess31Author Commented:
I know that I can do it on the camera but it would be much more convenient to do it on the computer. And I don't find anything in the manual.
strange stuff
I can't find anything but stuff about the switch, either.

Can you try with a different computer and/or OS?
Jess31Author Commented:
I tried with many computers but not help there.
Someone suggested that it might be due to the GPS info thats written to the memory. But I don't see an option on the camera to stop that.
I had a chance to poke around a little bit more, but I still got nothing other than some camera SD cards work in a reader, and some don't.
 : /
same here

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