Procedure Cache Values interpreation in DBCC memorystatus query result SQL 2005

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Hello experts,

When i executed SQL query DBCC Memorystatus, one of the table that gets displayed is Procedure Cache and its value. Embed the screenshot of the result.
I would like to understand the values that is next to Total Procs  and Total pages and InUse Pages. Is this good or bad?

Can someone throw some light on how to interpret this values.

Thanks and regards. Procedure
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Check out below information, it might helps

TotalProcs. The total number of cached objects currently in the procedure cache. This value will match the number of entries in the syscacheobjects virtual table. You can use Performance Monitor to monitor the SQL Server:Cache Manager object for a detailed breakdown of the type of cached objects --for example, triggers, procedures, and ad hoc.

TotalPages. The cumulative number of pages that you must have to store all the cached objects.

InUsePages. The number of pages in the procedure cache that belong to procedures that are currently executing. These cannot be discarded.

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- Bhavesh

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