DMZ Listing via cmd.exe

Is there an easy way to list all hosts in a subnet/DMZ (from the inside) using command line techniques (ideally resolving hostnames too) if all I have is an internal IP of a web server I know is in this DMZ?
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Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
The easiest would be to get a (command line) tool for it. Something like nmap:

The is also a command line version of it this will do a ping sweep of your network and save it in 3 separate formats; normal, xml, and grepable.

nmap -sP -oA filename

You can also specify a specific range of IP's instead of the CIDR mask.

nmap -sP -oA filename

-oN/-oX/-oS/-oG <file>: Output scan in normal, XML, s|<rIpt kIddi3,
    and Grepable format, respectively, to the given filename.
 -oA <basename>: Output in the three major formats at once
An easy tool is Softperfects Network Scanner.
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