Powerpoint 2007 annotation menu hanging

When entering slide show mode and attempting to make annotation by choosing the pen icon (bottom left), the menu hangs and only displays a black box (same shape as menu if it worked properly).
Powerpoint itself then hangs and process needs ended. There are no other processes running high and other tasks (outside of ppt) can still be performed.
If I am very patient, the menu sometimes appears but when the choice of pen is made nothing happens and clicking anywhere on the slide, in an attempt to annotate, results in moving to the next slide.
Would think it points to an issue with the module that handles the annotations but have tried everything (repair office, reinstall, all updates etc).
Any insight please?
Office Professional Plus 2007, Windows XP, 1GB Ram
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Reinstalling the OS is pretty drastic, but it wouldn't necessarily install the latest video drivers or change hardware acceleration. I still think these are probably related.

When you get back to it, make sure you have SP2 for Office 2007 installed. Then try knocking graphics hardware acceleration back -- try it in different positions. Also try booting Windows in Safe Mode and see if it works there. It will be ugly, but if it does work it is an indicator that it's probably video-driver related.
try to run some antivirus scans (online scanning with eset) then download something like malwarebytes for malware and other harmful software. If everything comes out clean then a rough guess is that your  pc is not powerful enough to handle office. What is your processor etc. The minimum requirements they have on the box and the website it is laughable to say the least.
gillpardescAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that.

Eset is on the machine and it is clean, have not tried malware yet, will do.

The machine is the same spec as the rest in the building and they all run it ok, not super fast or anything but it works.

Will post back if malware scan helps.
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if it runs okay with all the other PCs then i think there is something wrong with this one. Try hijackthis software as well and post the results on their forum they will help you out with any problems
I would guess either printer driver (sounds weird, I know) or hardware acceleration.

Try both of these things as troubleshooting:
How to install a TEST printer driver

How to set graphics hardware acceleration back
gillpardescAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the replies, haven't had a chance to try the suggestions but will post back as soon as I have.
gillpardescAuthor Commented:
Nothing suggested worked and a reinstall of OS shows the problem still occurring! Have abandoned attempts to correct this for the  moment. Thanks for your input.
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