Configuring Blade server to access IBM SAN volume

Hi , We have 3 blade servers in blade centre E- mt8277 and IBM DS4700 Storage with three volumes. It has already configured that all 3 servers can access 3 volumes. We are adding4th  Blade and 3 HDDs in storage as 4th volume. We want to configure 4th Blade to access 4th  volume in DS4700 SAN. Please suggest step by step procedure and cross checks.

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Since you've configured 3 servers so far you must have DS4000 storage management utility installed somewhere, chapter 4 of tells you how to configure LUNs (logical drives) and present them to hosts. You can either add your 3 disks to the current array or create a new array, that's down to your preference.

You'll have to add zones to the switch to let the storage and server see each other (do that before assigning the LUN to the host so you can pick it using the storage manager rather than typing the WWN in). You'll also need a fibre channel card in the blade of course.

I don't understand why gheist has posted end of sale December 11 2009, support for SAN storage is generally at least 5 years after final shipping date, it's probably still in warranty let alone in the support period.
dinagaran2000managerAuthor Commented:

         i didnt get any infor from there.
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there is no up-to date information on dealing with 4Gbps FC gear.
even trade-in options are over.

it requires FC switch configuration also
there could be nasty access list on a disk box also

pay attention to firmware levels.
dinagaran2000managerAuthor Commented:
Hi andyalder,
                   Earlier it has been configured by someone. Just now i completed task. First i created new Zone in the existing zoneset on blade centre. Created members in the newZone (New Blade, On board FC cards in Blade centre.) Secondly created volume on storage using storage manager.
created new host, assign logical volume to the new host. Thats it. Works well.

dinagaran2000managerAuthor Commented:
Started with andyalder options and solved
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