Characteristics of SOA architecture


I have queries regarding SOA

1. What are the characteristics of Service Oriented Architecture(SOA)?
2. How web service fits into the scenario?
3. What other technologies apart from web service is using SOA?

Karan Gupta
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It's not easy to explain in a few words... but perhaps a way to put it, and for you to use it in your application, is if you just think of it as having a set of self-contained components that each provide a set of functionality which your application consumes/interacts with to get the data and processing which it needs. Even though you write these services yourself, the design should be such that these components provide abstraction on their internal workings from your main application. NOTE: The services are not a part of your application per ce, but your application and others actaully rely on the functionality these services provide.  You will be making calls to these services and must be able to interact with them properly in order to get the data you need.  They will also need to be generic enough that they can be used across applications - reuse i.e. the services should also provide for invocation and disvcovery by other applications.

Chapter 1: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Understanding Service-Oriented Architecture

Service-Oriented Architecture: Implementation Challenges
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Any updates
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