Error Synchronizing message being shown in Outlook Sync log

Hi wonder if anyone else has seen this before a user keeps getting this and it's only just started recently. Could it be a corrupt profile??

Have copied it below and changed to example for the users name and message etc.

07:29:08 Synchronizer Version 14.0.4760
07:29:08 Synchronizing Mailbox "example"
07:29:08 Synchronizing local changes in folder 'Inbox'
07:29:08 Uploading to server 'example.local'
07:29:08 Error synchronizing message 'RE: example'
07:29:08                 [80040119-501-80040119-0]
07:29:08                 The client operation failed.
07:29:08                 Microsoft Exchange Information Store
07:29:08                 For more information on this failure, click the URL below:
07:29:08 Moved a message that failed synchronization to 'Local Failures'. Message subject -> 'example'. You can view this message in your offline folder only.
CRL ltdAsked:
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This can be due a few number of reasons:

1. Corrupt profile, create another profile.

2. Antivirus, disable clientside Outlook plugin and review.

Hope this helps.
It might be that this message just got corrupted in the store.  Have you tried forwarding it (if you need a copy) then just delete and see if you get the error message anymore?
Glad to have helped :)
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