Is there any process where my cross legged sitting capacity increases to 10 hrs

I want increase my sitting capacity in cross legged pose , but i can't sit more than 20 mins .

Is there exercise i can follow
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Nancy McCulloughCommented:
Yoga is a good way to stretch and gain muscles. Sitting in any position for an elongated period of time may cause alternate afflictions such as Bursitis. It is NOT recommended to try to sit in the cross-legged position for too long.

Be wary of what you choose to practice and the length of time for which you do it
Nancy McCulloughCommented:
Yoga, stretching, strengthening the lower back are all ways to increase endurance in the cross-legged position. It is important to note that this position for lengthy periods of time can cause undue harm to one's body. That is, issues such as Bursitis (hip), knee strain, and hip strain. The circulation is altogether another issue.... Be wary of what you choose to practice and the length of time for which you do it.
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practising in water can lengthen the time until you get pruney.  It'll help build your back muscles sitting in less and less water until you are ready for land meditation.... don't fall asleep.
As citygat said, medical problems can come from sitting in one position for an extended period of time without moving (see here for a variety of issues:

With that caution in mind, I will disagree with others whose focus on strengthening is the lower back; rather, the abdominal muscles are the most important to maintain such a pose.  In addition, as others suggested, stretching will also be immensely helpful.  

Both the abdominal muscles and also the back muscles on which to concentrate your strengthening efforts are discussed below.

Abdominal, or core muscles, reduce the chance for lower back injury and increase the ability to have good posture and keep the legs steady while sitting cross-legged.  Exercises include sit-ups (I would use an exercise ball to make these easier on your back) and lying on one's back with legs straight and then slowly lifting legs from the floor about 18-24 inches and holding the legs there for a few seconds and then repeating.

Another thought to keep in mind is that not all abdominal muscles are created equal.  For the pose you wish to maintain, it may be that exercising the internal oblique muscles might provide the most benefit, though do not develop these at the expense of the other abdominal muscles (see this comprehensive article,

If you can get an exercise ball (I highly recommend getting one), you can use it for both exercises and stretches while minimizing the chance for injury.  

Some great ball exercises can be found at: and at Amazon.

In addition to stretching and strengthening core muscles, working on balance will also help.  An exercise ball is ideal for this.

For the muscles in the back that should be worked for your desired pose, you should work the erector-spinae and the multifidus muscles.

If you are serious about maintaining this pose for long periods, it is highly advisable to seek the advice of a physical therapist.

Good luck and have fun!
I just read that you wanted to increase your ability to sit in this position for 10 hours.  Not advisable to sit that long cross-legged or any other way.

Do you mind letting us know why you want to sit cross-legged for that long?

Whatever the reason, simply not advisable.

Sitting Period is not advisable for anyone. The human body is a move-it-or-lose-it proposition. I have enough problems sitting in a $1200 chair. I would think that the repetitive nature of most yoga practices would offer plenty of opportunity to quiet the mind.

Also over-stretching without strengthening is terrible! for your body. Take a balanced approach to your well-being.
James MurrellProduct SpecialistCommented:
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