Cross mailbox referencing in Domino 8.x

We are using Lotus Domino 8.5. Now we are in a typical requirement.

Suppose there are two users, User1 & User2. Now User1 has full permission on User2 mailbox. Is it possible to get User2 "All Documents View" in a separate View in User1? If possible how?

User1 need to see all mails of User2. We can achieve this by creating a shortcut on the User1 Workspace, but our requirement is to get all mails of User2 in User1's separate folders or views. Please help.

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
All in the same database?? Wouldn't do that...

Or do you mean on the Welcome screen? That you see two mail databases at the same time?
Amitava_MukherjeeAuthor Commented:
two different nsf, User 1.nsf & User 2.nsf
Using outlines, you can open a view in another database. you should make a copy of the Mail template to use for the mail db of User 1, change the template name and base UIser1's mail db on that.  Then use designer to change the outline.
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Amitava_MukherjeeAuthor Commented:

thanx, seems interesting. can you please a littele bit of elaborative? or can you please give any link where i can get how this can be achieved through outlining?

thanx again
read up on outlines in the Designer help.

open up your mailfile and look at the outline "NotesMailOutline".

Add an entry. Use Copy and Paste to duplicate the All Documents entry. DoubleClick it.  change label & Alias to reflect use. click @-sign After Content value to edit the Named Element Formula.
set it to:
@Implode(@Trim(@Name([Abbreviate]; @DbName[1]):"mail/user2.nsf"); "!!")

Open in new window

Where "mail/user2.nsf" should reflect the mail db of user 2.


Note that this will revert overnight as the desighn task returns you to the default design.  See earlier advice to prevent that.  
Amitava_MukherjeeAuthor Commented:
Thanx larsberntrop:,

In your comment , in "Named Element Formula" there are three sections.

1. Formulla for kind of named element
2. Formulla for database
3. Formulla for name of named element

Where to paste the specified formulla language line?

duh, what is the subject:  the mail db.  So the formula should go in the database formula section.

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Amitava_MukherjeeAuthor Commented:

I used the following line, as per your suggestion

@Implode(@Trim(@Name([Abbreviate]; "DCOKOLS01" ):"mail/test2User.nsf"))

according to your solution, where

DCOKOLS01 = My Mail Server Name
test2User.nsf = User 2 nsf name

But not working :-(
Amitava_MukherjeeAuthor Commented:
oops, i was wrong, that is done, thanx larsberntrop:, thax a lot
Amitava_MukherjeeAuthor Commented:
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