Lotus Notes Agent runs but no output

I have several agents that have been running for a couple of years that have all of a sudden stopped working properly.
They are scheduled to run once a day at between 1:00AM and 2:00AM.
They check a database for past due records and send mail to the appropriate people.
As I said, these have been running for years.  No changes have been made to the agents.
The only thing done since the last changes to the agents was an upgrade from Domino 8.0 server to Domino 8.5.1
All of the date fields used are default calendar/time control fields.

Here is the code of one of the agents that has stopped working.
reqdcompl field is Calendar/time control
dateclosed is Calendar/time control
salesperson is text field
complaintnum is number field
customername is text field

Any ideas anyone??

Overdue := @Adjust(reqdcompl;0;0;5;0;0;0);
@If(dateclosed = "" & @Today=Overdue;@MailSend(salesperson;"John Doe/MyCompany":"Jane Smith/MyCompany":"Charles Darwin/MyCompany":"Sam Jones/MyCompany";"Bob Brown/MyCompany";"Overdue Customer Complaint";"The Following Customer Complaint is five days overdue:  # " + @Text(complaintnum)+ "  Customer: " + customername;"";[IncludeDoclink]);"")

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doninjaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check the servers Misceleaneous log for Agent errors as it could be a certificate or Authentication issue.

You can turn on Agent debugging to see more information about if the agent is failing to run, or starts then creates an error.

Check the ID that has signed the agent as it will also be the sender of the mail.
Make sure that signer has access to the server in servers security tab.

Simple ones, make sure agent document contect hasn't changed to None or
Is document selection formula still valid.

Check the AMGR cache and schedule in console to see if they are scheduled to run
tell amgr sched

BriancslnetAuthor Commented:
checking the logs showed no errors and that the agents are indeed running.  However, the results are not what they should be, i.e. mail should have been sent and was not.
I did notice that in checking the signature for the agent, the Administrator account was not Specifically entered in the server configuration document as being allowed to run agents, so I included it and will see if this helps correct the problem tonight.
BriancslnetAuthor Commented:
Answer led me in a good direction. Problem still not completely solved but moved me toward the solution
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