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Re-Order list of IP Addresses on Windows Server 2003

Hi there,

I have a server that is hosted by a hosting company, they've added a couple of new IP Addresses that the server can use. I was wondering how I would go about changing the primary IP Address for the server and make everything else secondary IP's?

Can't seem to figure it out when I go to the TCP/IP properties for the network card, only allows me to either add/edit or remove, would I just remove them all and then add them back in the order I want?
2 Solutions
TCP/IP properties for the network card. Change the current (primary) IP adress to you're new primary IP adress. Be aware that you'll probably lose the connection and should reconect to the new adres.

After this you can go to TCP/IP properties for the network card, advanced, add the old primary IP adress as an secondary IP adress. (and all other IP addresses)
The reason why it will not reorder them is that order doesn't matter.  They will all respond on the server.  

Now, when you say primary and secondary IP addresses, I can see two possible reasons for wanting what you say you want.

1) You always want 1 IP address to show up when the site is requested.  In this case, you need to modify the DNS that handles your server name/domain name.  For this, you may need to contact your ISP or domain hoster if you don't have direct control over it.

2) You want specific services to only respond on certain IP addresses.  You should first configure the services to "bind" with a particular IP addresses.  Most network based applications will allow this.  Then you will need to configure the DNS with the appropriate entries to forward accordingly.  
Q-MAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I was wondering if there was another way other than removing them and adding them back in.

We have a bunch of services that correspond to different IP's, and we will be updating them the day we make the move over.

I think I'll go with getting our server host to do that for us.

Thanks for your help
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