Problem with updating recordset


I‘m trying to get a function to update each row with in a recordset.  So far I have this:

Dim myRST As Recordset
Set myRST = GetADORecordset("SELECT running_requirement FROM T6 WHERE identifier = '" & NewIssueAss & "' ")
MsgBox ("myRST.RecordCount - " & myRST.RecordCount)
Do While Not myRST.EOF
myRST.Fields("running_requirement") = myDLookUp("original_requirement", "T6", "identifier = '" & NewIssueAss & "' ")

The function GetADORecordset returns a recordset with 3 rows in it which is correct.  However the update portion is not updating any of the records.

The locktype of the recordset is    rst.LockType = adLockOptimistic if that makes any difference.

I’ve also tried myRST.UpdateBatch but it yields the same results.

Any pointers appreciated.

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Helen FeddemaCommented:
What is myDLookup?  Or is this a typo for DLookup?  What is NewIssueAss, and where is it set?  It may be helpful to set variables of the appropriate data type, and set them with the values you need to use in code, so you can examine them in the Immediate Window.

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andyw27Author Commented:
Here is the myDLookup function:

Public Function myDLookUp(ByVal strField As String, ByVal strDomain As String, _
    Optional strCriteria As Variant)

    Dim rsLk As Recordset
    Dim strSql As String
    myDLookUp = Null
    If Not IsMissing(strCriteria) Then
        strSql = "SELECT " & strField & " FROM " & strDomain & " WHERE " & strCriteria
        strSql = "SELECT " & strField & " FROM " & strDomain
    End If
    Set rsLk = GetADORecordset(strSql)
    If Not rsLk.EOF Then myDLookUp = rsLk(0) Else myDLookUp = "N/A"

End Function

NewIssueAss is a string which is set before I call this function.  The field runing_requirement is number field.
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