Windows XP Pro bootup issue

I have a clients PC that has black screen:
- With normal bootup
- After any of the F8 options.

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MikeConnect With a Mentor IT ProfessionalCommented:
Forgot to give you the link....sorry....
try using f12 for boot device options... see if hd is recognized
see if the HD is recognized in the BIOS, use f12 and try to boot from a CD to see if its a HD problem.
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MikeIT ProfessionalCommented:
Do a windows repair installation.  This should fix any corruption in system, which is probably why the machine is not booting up.  You are seeing the Windows Menu, this is a good sign, it means all your info is still there.
I'd boot a linux UBUNTU cdrom, burn one from
Try linux, see if it boots up and stay running.

Often times, the symptoms you are having are related to a bad video card.
If you are using the onboard video, sometimes it uses the RAM the computer has onboard for video storage.
Change the RAM sticks, or reorder the ram sticks if you have more than one.

If it boots normally, you may have a bad stick of ram.

since it's a dell, you can boot f12 to the utility partition and check the RAM. That's one of my next steps.
interc3905Author Commented:
We ended up replacing the unit based on age and other issues

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