The certificate was not installed. Please try again. Outlook 2010, Exchange 2007, Windows XP Pro SP3 client

I've been asked by my customer to resolve an issue with being asked for a certificate every time they log on to their Outlook.  It mentions the certificate twice.  I have taken the certificate from the Public Downloads directory on the server and attempted install with the InstallCertificate file.  I get The certificate was not installed message.  

Any ideas of what I can do to rid this system of this error.  It happens each time they open their Outlook.  If they click yes twice, it connects.  I'd like the message to go away all together.
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First of all, how long have they been receiving the certificate error? Are they connecting inside or outside of the network?

You need to purchase an SSL certificate for Exchange (preferrably a UCC) that includes your domain, your exchange server/netbios and your external fqdn for your exchange server. If you need assistance installing or verifying whether or not you've installed it properly, please follow the below link for step-by-step instructions. GL!
You can try installing the certificate by itself.  Just open the file, and select "Install...", then instead of automatically selecting the location, Browse the stores, check the box for "Show Physical Stores", and under Trusted Root Certificate Authorities, put the cert in Local Computer.  Then try browsing the site through OWA, and see if you get a certificate error.  

Is this a SAN cert?
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