Beginner Question - ftp setup

I have a virtual server A built on a workstation that needs to ftp files to and from another server B. Can anyone tell me what all I need to setup to accomplish this.

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What OS is server A running?

If it is 2K3:

- Go to Control Panel, Add/Remove, Windows Components
- Click Application Server, IIS, Detail
- Check: Common Files, FTP, IISM
- Click Next, then Finish

- Open the IIS snap-in
- Expand "FTP Sites"
- Open the Default FTP Site's properties
- Go to the Security Accounts tab
- Configure your security settings there or click the "Allow Anonymous Connections", then select "Allow only anonymous connections"

- Go to the Home Directory tab
- Click Read and Log visits
- Uncheck the "Write" check box
- Click OK
- Close the IIS snap-in

The server is configured.
Default directory is going to be "C:\Inetpub\Ftproot".
2008 is very easy. Just follow the instructions outlined here and here.
Does it need to automatically move files or will there be a person logged in running FTP client software?
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