preg_replace a specific character accent

I know the code works as per the demo below (the array is an array of $_POST[])
if I use the uncommented one it repace the "a" with é then correct values are inserted in DB and echoed as supposed to (utf8)
but when I try with the accentuated letter it does not find that accentuated letter, why would preg_match not find an accent?
what's going on?
$txt_fields	= Array ('fav_snack', 'fav_appetizer', 'fav_soup', 'fav_salad', 'fav_sandwich', 'fav_seafood', 'fav_pasta', 
										'fav_accompaniment', 'fav_veg_entree', 'fav_meat_entree', 'fav_dessert');
	foreach ($txt_fields as $fld) {//echo $fld;
	//	if (isset($_POST[$fld])) { $_POST[$fld] = preg_replace('/[é]+/i','é',$_POST[$fld]); echo $_POST[$fld];}
		if (isset($_POST[$fld])) { $_POST[$fld] = preg_replace('/[a]+/i','é',$_POST[$fld]); echo $_POST[$fld];}

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Shinesh PremrajanEngineering ManagerCommented:
The code seems working fine, while echoing you can check using the function htmlentities($fld) instead of just $fld.

Hope this helps

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array007Author Commented:
Well I found it
in the preg [é] is not correct it works if it is as follow: [\é]
Ray PaseurCommented:
I think you may have an encoding issue here.  The accented characters in the Western languages are often confused with the control characters that form a part of UTF-8.  You might want to have a look at this article and decide whether you really need UTF-8 or not.
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array007Author Commented:
Thanks Ray, very good reading, even after eight years!
Ray PaseurCommented:
Yeah, Joel gets it right almost all the time!
Shinesh PremrajanEngineering ManagerCommented:
Yes thanks Ray, for the superb piece of information, its really worth a reading... kul..dude..
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