Pagefile Allocation on Same Partition as Apps

I have an under resourced server which is using quite a lot of virtual memory. Would I see any benefit by moving this allocation onto the C:\ as opposed to the D:\ where most of my apps reside.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
MAYBE.  Depends on which disk is used more and more so, if that is a PARTITION or another physical disk.  If it's just another partition, you'd see no real benefit.  if it's a physical disk, it could see significant benefit if the C: drive isn't used as heavily as the D: drive.

IDeally, you would have multiple pagefiles on separate physical disks.  Windows should use the pagefiles on the least busy disks first.
Lico_wAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately it is a partition, so I guess that rules that option out then. Currently the box has 512mb RAM and 4gb pagefile allocation (of which its using around 20%). I am upgrading the RAM but it takes a long time for us to order hardware, are there any short term fixes I can make to help improve things?

I guess by reducing the pagefile size down to a Gig would help as it will free up some of the D:\ partition. I could then clear down old logs and defrag I guess. I will also adjust the app pool settings in IIS as some are allowed to use 100% cpu etc, but are there any other things I can do immediately to improve performance of my IIS sites and stop the box from crashing?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Not sure there's anything you can do that would significantly improve performance with only 512 MB of RAM.  Pagefile should be 1.5x RAM... more shouldn't hurt, but I'm not sure it really helps much.

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