Unable to finish installing Canon wireless printer with an At&t U-Verse router

I am working on an installation of a new canon wireless printer.
This user has a new At&t U-verse wireless network, all laptops and PCs connect properly, no issue.
I am able to setup and connect the actual printer to the wifi network from within the printer's LCD display.
problem is that when I run the printer installation CD, it gets to a point where it searches for the printer to no avail.
I've repeated this step 3 times.
I checked the SSID and network key many times...
Could this be an issue with the actual U-verse modem-router?
Thank you!
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HMBNETPCAuthor Commented:
Solution: changed wireless security in router from WPA to WEP. That allowed the printer to connect, and in turn I was able to setup all laptops with the printer using the original software.
Can you print a report from the printer that shows it's IP address?
If so, can you ping that adress from another computer connected to the same Wifi?
I do not believe it is your AT&T U-verse Modem/Router?

Do you really need to install the Printer Installation CD to manage the printer?
You can probably manage it through the built-in website of the Canon printer.
Use your internet browser and type in the IP address of your printer.

Good Luck.
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HMBNETPCAuthor Commented:
Thank you both owner66 and saastech.
I will try those suggestions tonight.
I also believe that if it were the router, I wouldn't be able to connect the printer to the router....
I'll let you know what I find.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
I had a similar issue a couple years back.  In that case, there was an obscure problem related to IP address allocation.  Check to see that the printer has a static IP address within the router's LAN-side IP block, and that this address is not within the DHCP-allocated segment.  Reconfiguring per below solved the problem.

Router's LAN-side IP block:  192.168.0
Printer's IP address:
DHCP allocation segment: -

HMBNETPCAuthor Commented:
Thanks DrKlahn.
But do you know how can I access the router? Is there a default ID and password for At&t U-Verse routers?
HMBNETPCAuthor Commented:
It fixed the issue.
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