vb.net listview subitem index

how can I set or get the index of the subitem that is selected ?

I find a lot of examples that find the subindex after a click, but I want to be able find the index and subindex after a click or up/down arrows are hit.

'Shouldn't it be as simple as:
x = lsv.selectedItems(0).selectedSubitem


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A ListView Control  always reference each line as a ListViewItem, it does not get the subitem index inside the ListViewItem since the focus is always in the whole line if your List View type is Details, if the View Type is any other, the focus will be only in the fist one.

What are you trying to do? Why do you need the subindex for?

Are you making a Search and need the SubItem that match?
sidwelleAuthor Commented:
I am just using the listview to present a grid and provide the user with a opion to select an item.

ok, then you can use SelectedItems(0)   to know the line selected by the user

x = lsv.selectedItems(0)

If you need to read values from the other columns use SubItems Collection

lsv.selectedItems(0).SubItems(0).Text  'will give you the value of the First Column
lsv.selectedItems(0).SubItems(1).Text  'will give you the value of the second column
lsv.selectedItems(0).SubItems(2).Text  'will give you the value of the Third column
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Mike TomlinsonHigh School Computer Science, Computer Applications, and Mathematics TeachersCommented:
You might want to consider using a DataGridView instead...  =)
sidwelleAuthor Commented:
I don't want the textvalues, I want to know which cell has focus right now.

Seriously considering using a DataGrid:  Will a datagrid allow the retrieval of col and row index ?
Will it allow the insertion of an image into any cell, not just the left most ?

The listview do not have a way to tell you wich cell has focus.

Yes a datagridview have an even call CellClick and in that event you can know which row and column was clicked

Yes the datagridview allows you to have columns that can hold and Image

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Mike TomlinsonHigh School Computer Science, Computer Applications, and Mathematics TeachersCommented:
sidwelleAuthor Commented:
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