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In the attached database I am trying to do a Report (Rep1 ) for the sum of Total Income, Total backup withholding.
When  I use Sum, then the total of the field from the table is calculated and displayed.
If you see the report ( using print preview option), it will fetch atleast 3 records on the page.
I would like to have the total of those 3 or 4records only (per page )and not of the whole table.
Is there any way  to do it ?
I am using MS Access 2002
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burrcmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have done income for you (roughly) - add a running total in detail (you can hide it) then use that control in page footer.

Chris B
chitralekhaaAuthor Commented:
Hi Chris,
Thanks, but when I run the report I also see another total box on new page. Can that be eliminated.

The reason I am saying this because. I am going to use the same method to do sum another field. If you notice, there are 3 fields  I mentioned in the footer
1) Total Income, 2 )Total Tax Witholding excluding Backup Withholding and 3 )Total Backup Withholding

I have yet to add field 2 to the table. Currently working on only 2 fields.
Please help.
chitralekhaaAuthor Commented:
Initially it took me some time to adjust the report. But your method worked for me. Thanks.
Hi. Sorry, I went to bed. As you no doubt figured, I put the control to the side, but in reality you would drop it into the middle of the existing detail section then hide it so it didn't affect the layout.

Good luck

Chris B
chitralekhaaAuthor Commented:
The question is already answered, but I would like to know if there is a way to add the total only for the page of the report printed
What I mean is the total is accumulated page by page . That is fine, but can we also show total for individual page.

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