Hard disk with Anti- virus

Hi there,

I am looking for hard disk with anti virus. Do you know any name in the hard drivers world provide that type of H/D I heard from someone that Western Digital offer like that hard disk with anti-virus but I couldn't find that on thier web site.

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Lordy123Connect With a Mentor Commented:
They were probably talking about something along the lines of Data Lifegaurd, or maybe if they bought a retail drive it came with a free copy of AV.

"WD Data Lifeguard Technology
 Exclusive Data Lifeguard data protection features include shock protection, an environmental protection system and real-time embedded error detection and repair. WD's Data Lifeguard technology automatically finds, isolates and repairs problems that may develop over the life of a hard drive."

As Saastech points out, there is really nothing a HD can do at a hardware level to prevent or dectect viruses. Although I do vaguely remember someone was marketing some sort of "Protection feature" with their drives, I don't remember what brand though, I just rad it and knew right away it was crap.

Hope that helps.
Honestly, I have not heard such a thing.  Anti-Virus is software and Hard Drives are hardware.

That "someone" may be pulling your leg.

Good Luck.
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