Migration from one domain to another.

We have purchased a company.
We will be migrating them to our network.
They have 4 servers, 2 AD(global catalogs, child DCs (allcounty.local domain), the main AD for allcounty.local is within different network over VPN, we have no control over it), 1 Citrix Server and it is a member server from allcounty.local, 1 Phone system server, not a part of domain.

We will be replacing the firewall with our own, settings up our own VPN to our main location.
What would be the correct way to migrate the domain.

Disjoin all the PCs from the domain
Demote AD(global catalog) AC-DP-FP_SRV to a member server, then disjoin from allcounty.local domain.
Demote AD(global catalog) ACSQL3_SRV to a member server, then disjoin from allcounty.local domain.
Disjoin CitriXServer from the allcounty.local domain.

1. After we do that is it better to create a new domain, and create a trust relation ship between our mail domain (tully.tullyconstruction.com)  and this one (earthcareny.local)?
2. Or promote one server (AC-DP-FP_SRV) as a child DC(global catalog) server?
3. Or just make the server a member server for our main domain (tully.tullyconstruction.com)?

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Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
My honest answer, given the type of questions you are asking, would be to advise you to buy in the expertise to do the job properly for you.

Do you run exchange? 1 or 2 domains?
Do you intend to recreate all new user accounts for the allcounty.local domain in your own domain? Will ALL users have a single email domain?

There are a lot of ways to do this but your best way will depend on how the structure of the company will be.

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moisesperezAuthor Commented:
We do have an exchange server within our own domain, the allcounty.local doesn't have an exchange server.
There are only 20 accounts that we would have to recreate, if we decide to go with creating a new domain.
Temporarily we created a separate OU called EarthCareNY.com in our AD Server and recreated those 20 accounts within that OU for email access, each account is exchange enabled, we created  a separate email address policy for them only. Right now these accounts are under our (tully.tullyconstruction.com) domain just for email access.

We already had a child domain controller in one of our VPN sites, the problem with that setup was that when people from our main office tried to logon to their PCs here at our main location, sometimes they were not able to logon because the internet was down at the location where the child domain controller was (VPN site). Some domain logons were forced to authenticate to that child domain controller instead of the ones (TCSERVER1 and TCSERVER6) located in the main building.
Also the AD replication would fail if the internet was slow.
That is why we are concerned.

Let me know if you have any questions

moisesperezAuthor Commented:
Which way would you recommend us to do it? Thanks...........
Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
The login issue may be bevise you did not make the domain controller a global catalogue server. That would enable logins to be processed locally and not by the office server xx
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