DNS Errors in a Windows Workgroup

I have a workgroup of 15 PC's and laptops that use static IP addresses.  Two devices (1 PC, 1 tablet) lost their internet connection.  The PC can ping the server & access shares but the server can't ping the PC.  The tablet won't ping or access shares on the server neither wired or wireless.  I have checked the IP addressing for the client, Subnet, Gateway & DNS.  They are using the same scheme as other working clients (with different static IP addresses, of course).  I am new to DNS tables and am at a loss how to diagnose two differing but similar problems.
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If the server can't ping the PC you probably have a firewall or anti virus program dropping ICMP traffic. If you disable that firewall rule you should be able to ping provided the rest of the network info is correct.  As for DNS you will need to create A records for each host.  This will allow for name resolution.
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It turned out that the maximum number of lincenses on the firewall had been met.  We purged some old users & everyone has an internet connection again.  We'll purchase additional licenses for furture use.
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