Run antivirus programs in safe or normal mode.


I thinks the following antivirus, adware, etc programs are meant to run in "Normal" mode:

Some IT people recommend running them in "Safe Mode"  Please advise.

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Bill HerdeConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
Yes they will run in normal mode, if nomal mode will come up in some useable form.  Rkill can shut down some malware in normal mode to allow cleanup, but Safe mode will does not let the bad stuff run on startup (unless you got a rootkit).  Some of the above mentioned need to go online for updates to work properly, so safe mode with networking is the one I use most often.
SISAntConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you're right, Safe mode with networking is the most used form I use also, I generally run malwarebytes or trend Micro housecall in safe mode with networking and have only twice came across a Virus that needed more, like HijackThis or RKill.
younghvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The instructions from the developers of both Malwarebytes and ComboFix EXPRESSLY state that they are to be run in "Normal Mode"...IF...the system will boot to Normal Mode.

There are rare instances when Malwarebytes needs to be first run in Safe Mode, but in ALL instances you must follow with a Normal Mode Scan.

"...But suffice it to say that the scan is NOT as powerful in Safe Mode, and normal mode scan should nearly always be used. It is not unsafe to scan in Safe Mode, just less effective. "

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younghvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Joe -
You included the "Windows 7" Zone in this question and you should probably have it moved to the various (up to 5) Virus & Spyware Zones.

That will expose it to the Experts who use these programs on a regular basis.

rpggamergirlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>>>"Some IT people recommend running them in "Safe Mode""<<<

Well maybe they haven't caught up with the new trends yet, :)
Years ago AVs and most anti-malware tools need to be run in safe mode where viruses are not active in order for the removal to work well, but in these days developers have also caught up with virus writers' tricks.

Scanners these days are now optimized to run in normal mode where nasties are active, safe mode scan is only needed if the PC can't boot normally, or if the software hangs in normal mode, some software hangs when scanning locations like the system restore folder etc.
In some rare cases with some rogues safe mode is still needed.

Few years ago, most of the tools that were used to remove viruses that need to be run in safe mode are now obsolete e.g., Smitrem, Smitfraudfix, SDFix, CWShredder, About:Buster, and others.

IOBit I would not use because of their bad reputation.

So with any software, it's normal mode unless the author specifically states safe mode.
jstaron7Author Commented:
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