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Unable to access owa internally in Exchange 2003

My domain changed from to I created a new virtual directory named exchange2, the default is exchange, with the new domain. I can access owa externally but not internally. I would like to simply delete the second virtual directory and edit the default one with the new domain. In system manager, its greyed out and I don't know where to change it in IIS.

thank you
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to access the OWA internally are you using the prefix https://<servername>/owa ?

(though its slightly different for much older versions of windows server i think.)
Try https://<e2k3ServerName>/exchange then if that works just add a new internal DNS zone for and then add an A record for mail or owa and point it at your INTERNAL e2k3 server address

Then you should be able to hit internally
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I get internet explorer cannot display the webpage when I try https://servername/exchange 
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I tried both. no good.
Have a look on your router/firewall at which ip address you are forwarding port 443 to and then take that IP address and try https://<ip address>/exchange
I think thing to try here rather than guessing is go into the IIS manager and check what the website is. Though its strange that you've used all the standard ones and they haven't gone through. possible port issue?
It turns out I had the servername wrong the whole time.
Thanks for the update and points