SSAS processing failure

For no reason at all I started getting these error messages last week:

Description="File system error: The background thread running lazy writer encountered an I/O error. Physical file: \\?\D:\SQL Server Data\Analysis Database\DB.0.db\Visitor View.23.dim\45.Visitor Key.astore. Logical file: ." Source="Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services" HelpFile="" /><Error ErrorCode="3238133764" Description="File system error: The following error occurred while writing to the file 'LazyWriter Stream': There is not enough space on the disk. ." Source="Microsoft SQL Server ...  The step failed.

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It started happening on both of my database cubes. And it happens for different tables on both. Nothing has changed and there doesn't appear to be a good reason for it. Every once in a while I will get a message that the table astore file is corrupted. I am running MSSQL 2008, so I'm guessing all of the 2005 hot fixes are pointless.

I have over 200gigs of free space on this drive, and I don't see any astore file that is over 500megs so I don't think the 4GB limit is an issue.

I can reprocess the measures or any dimension on its own and it works fine. But doing the entire cube fails. Please help
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Try Increase your virtual memory / Set it to Windows Managed.

Restart your server and Try again.

PS: Generally the VIRTUAL MEMORY size should be 150% of the main memory (6GB in your case).
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