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Good Afternoon all,

I am trying to learn (re-learn really) how to program in Java. I have downloaded the NetBeans IDE as my programming tool. My problem is everytime I search for tutorials on how to program I get a lot of crap that begins with what a constructor is, what a method is and how to do a Hello World app,

I need a site that clearly breaks down sections of how to program in Java and specifically how to use it for websites in addition to desktop applications. An ideal site would include:

How to program in the Java language from a Hello World app to more complex apps, maybe even game programming
How to make the java file run on a webpage
How to run the Java file as a stand alone windows app
Uses the NetBeans IDE for programmiing
Examples of work

I am a visual learner so something with more pics and video would be best but I am not above  reading if the site is helpful.

Points will be awarded to the site I think is most helpful (hint: Don't point to netbeans.org or java.com as I find the material provided by the creators of the respective companies dry, boring and not helpful)
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Sathish David Kumar NArchitectCommented:
As part of it you may look at this question about Java books


I would not be so tough on java.com (which is now mostly oracle.com) - I think
those are still invaluable resources.

On the other hand if I were you, I would not concentrate at least before some stage
on netbeans or on anything related more to particular IDE.
Java is of course much broader - when I was starting to learn java people were
talking about JBuilder and Visual Cafe - who uses them now - only very few.
If you don't like dry stuff, then maybe book by Bruce Eckel Thinking in Java will be for you
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