'Not enough disk space or memory to run Word 12.0'

Friend running XP Pro SP3 and Office 2007 has developed mysterious problem, when he tries to start any Office app he gets 'Not enough disk space or memory to run Word/Excel etc'

He has 4GB RAM and over 350GB free space.
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Has he rebooted?

I have this with many apps, including word and office apps. I have always been able to correct with a simple reboot personally. (When RAM and HD space are adequate at least)
Didier VallySystems Engineer and Finance AnalystCommented:
This link will be useful :
Yes. Look at RAM and HDD space.
Also, increase the Paging File's size, run disk cleanup and/or ccleaner, and reboot.
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larry urbanDevOps EngineerCommented:
reinstalling will do the trick.

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run disk cleanup and/or ccleaner, and reboot.

Please don't run CC Cleaner! It can only do more harm then good as these apps aren't smart enough know what your registry needs!

If you don't know your registry well enough to make changes, don't let some program mindlessly do it for you!
Todd GerbertIT ConsultantCommented:
Could be bad normal.dot, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/839367 (this article is for Word 2000, but you can still try renaming your normal.dot).

Could be an add-in, http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/office2010/thread/aef6b726-2b84-47f8-867d-86c430fbccc8

I also recall having seen this problem, and the culprit ended up being something else that Office depends on that needed to be re-installed, but darned if I can't remember what it was and no luck finding it with Google.

One other thing to try is make sure all your temp files are cleared.
Todd GerbertIT ConsultantCommented:
I should also point out that this particular error message almost never has anything to do with disk space or memory.
chrisfixitAuthor Commented:
Thanks all, I uninstalled Office and used the Microsoft Fixit tool to remove (in theory) all traces.

Reinstalled and it works apart from Outlook which won't allow me to configure any accounts saying "registry error - start Outlook again or reinstall'.

Tried creating a new Outlook profile and it says 'unable to access registry'.
chrisfixitAuthor Commented:
Umm, I installed all updates and the problem went away.
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