Handling Oracle LIKE operator in PHP

I have a Oracle select statement (see attached). PHP finds it hard to handle the LIKE operator, %

How do I handle this?
select cm.id,cm.name,log.message,log.LOGSTAMP From admin_log log, client_master cm 
			  where log.clientid=cm.id --AND (log.message like '%Exception%' OR log.message like '%failed%') 
			  AND log.LOGSTAMP >= to_date(to_char(sysdate-1,'MM/DD/YYYY') || '12:00:00','MM/DD/YYYY HH24:MI:SS')

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What is the error you are getting from PHP?  The query is otherwise correct.

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codemonkey2480Author Commented:
I get no error but no results are returned. When I run it directly in Oracle I get results back.
Could you post the part from your PHP script where you are building and executing the query? The problem might be related to wrong escaping of special characters, so we'll need to see how the query is executed.
I would also advise to remove the comment in line 2 (starting with "--AND"), this could also be handled incorrectly inside of the OCI client.
codemonkey2480Author Commented:
I issue was how I accessed the $row and column name. The column name had to be in CAPS.
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