Oracle Apex 4: How do I add text in between search bar and report


On the interactive report page, what's the best way to add text and/or checkboxes in between search bar and report?
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gopiseraConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this.,
Hoping in the Region Source of Interactive Report  include the text or checkbox in the select statement.

Then, this will come in between search bar and the report.

For a check box you can create it by using

htmldb_item.checkbox or apex_item.checkbox

For ex:
SELECT APEX_ITEM.CHECKBOX(1,deptno,NULL,'10:20',':') " ",
FROM   emp

See, the below link for creation of checkbox or writing text in it.

maheflin25Author Commented:
gopisera - thanks for the tips.

I'm trying to create two checkboxes that will (un)sort the interactive report.
gatorvipConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Without modifying the template, you can't add anything between the report's search bar and the report data.

If all you need to do is the ability to sort the data, the IR already includes that capability (in the Actions dropdown menu).

Another alternative would be to position a separate region above the IR, where you include your checkboxes, then modify the query to do an "order by" based on the checkbox status.
maheflin25Author Commented:
Since no one cannot find a solution to my question, I'll need to close it.

maheflin25Author Commented:
No one haven't provide a better solution to my question. Please go ahead and close this.
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